Mixed Methods Group

Workshop led by Nancy Um, Amy Gay, and Julia Glauberman
September 20, 2019

In this workshop, we will be working with OpenRefine, a powerful tool for cleaning and manipulating your data. You are invited to bring your laptop and to engage in the hands-on lesson directly on your own machine. You are encouraged to download OpenRefine before arriving at the session. Visit the OpenRefine site and follow the download instructions for your operating system. The dataset that we are working with can be obtained here (file name: NJShipwrecks.csv). You may also wish to download the dataset before arriving at the session.

This lesson has been adapted from Miriam Posner’s excellent tutorial on OpenRefine. If you wish to consult the original lesson visit: http://miriamposner.com/classes/dh101f17/tutorials-guides/data-manipulation/get-started-with-openrefine/.

Other OpenRefine Resources: